Marivic’s Rufino ‘Romanza’ at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Madrid


Among the contemporary artists, Marivic Rufino paints in an arbitrary manner to express herself to its furthest limit. The canvas is her life and her paintings reflect the joys and tribulations through her colorful years.  A passionate artist, writer, entrepreneur, Marivic shares these emotions in her 16th solo exhibit, ‘Romanza’ which was held last month at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Madrid. The paintings were presented with Filipino poems by National Artist for Literature, Virgilio Almario, award winning poet, Marne Kilates in English and Miguel Realmonte in Spanish. These poems further led the eye to the heart of her oeuvres.

In ‘Romanza’, Mav goes beyond watercolor, acrylic and mixed media on canvas.  She evokes the sensation of the fleeting instant, the immense and majestic harmony of nature in splashes of orange, blues, lavender and gold. Her exhibit was presented by the Philippine Embassy as part of ‘Mes Filipino’, a three-fold event covering:  the 113th anniversary of Philippine Independence, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Jose Rizal and the 9th Philippine-Spain Friendship Day. The brief program included an introduction by the prestigious Museo Nacional de Antropologia’s Director Sra. Pilar Romero de Tejada,  followed by a speech by our Ambassador to Spain Carlos Salinas  on  Jose Rizal’s  life and achievements.

The series of activities were comprised of: a reception for National Day, the inauguration of Centro Rizal and Jardin Rizal at the Embassy, a lecture by Dr. Ambeth Ocampo at the Museo, and a wreath–laying ceremony by Los Caballeros de Rizal y una Dama.  It was a fitting tribute to our national hero who continues to inspire our ever-evolving Philippines.