Hermes’ “Hearts and Crafts a film by Laffont and Chavanat


The success of a product is evident in the pride and confidence shown by the men and women who use and wear them, and by everyone who notices them; the demand for the legendary Birkin, the most coveted handbag in the world, makes it a mystique. Mario Katigbak, General Manger of Hermes, says that it has the longest waiting list of any luxury product ever – about two years. In celebration of the theme, ‘Contemporary Artisan Since 1837’, Hermes recently presented the documentary film “Hearts and Crafts”, directed in 2011 by Frederic Laffont and Isabelle Dupuy-Chavanat. The special screening was held at My/Cinema in Greenbelt 3, following a lunch of sea bass and steak, held at the Sala Bistro. After the film showing, the forty guests walked over to the Hermes boutique for coffee and dessert. The documentary pays tribute to the artisans of the numerous Hermes métiers. The directors Laffont and Chavanat have opened the portals of the ateliers and the workshops, unveiling the saddler, the leather craftsmen, the jeweler, the crystal and the glassmaker. The film focuses on the men and women who bring the Parisian house’s objects to life, from Paris to the Ardennes, from  Lyonnais to Lorraine, Isabelle Dupuy- Chavanat and Frederic Laffont  have captured the sounds of metal, leather, crystal and silk, bringing out the craftsmen’s enthusiasm, pride and passion of an era



Melanie Cuevas, Mela de Luna, Liza Ilarde and Cheryl Tiu


Thelma San Juan, Mario Katigbak, General Manger of Hermes, The Lady H. Ball and Rupert Jacinto
Arnel Patawaran, Pauline Juan, Tetta Matera and Anton Barretto
Shauna Popple, Vicki de Leon, Mario Katigbak, Mia Borromeo and Nina Estacio
Anna Sobrepena, David Celdran and Judith Juntilla
Ingrid Go, Jordyn Hill of Hermes, Arribelle Ong and Tess Villareal


Rosanna Laurel, Jerome Gomez, Pauline Juan and Lyca Puno
Cheche Moral, Shauna Popple, Geolette Esguerra and Carla Casanova Perlas
Melanie Cuevas, Mela de Luna, Liza Ilarde and Cheryl Tiu