JunJun Ablaza at National Museum


A face of power, innovation, and recently, art, JunJun Ablaza has been called the “Prince of Philippine Fashion Accessories”.  In all of his typical cool-ness JunJun celebrated his birthday with an art installation, channeling his passion into a venture that further shows his ingenuity and creativity.  Entitled “Wearable Art”, it was a cultural and social happening, held at the Ablaza Hall of the National Museum Art Gallery.

The Boa of Feathers ribbon cutting was led by fashion designer Ben Farrales and Consul Helen Ong. Welcoming the guests, Master of Ceremonies and good friend, Michele Sison said: “JunJun’s collection was inspired from a myth.”, and Gio Sison-Quintos read the legendary story of Kings, Princes, Spirits and Witches. JunJun has successfully depicted the princely with the primitive; the wild with the tamed; the primal with the refined.    Invitees joined the Ablaza family for a toast and a ‘Happy Birthday’ song, led by his parents, Honorary Consul of Guatemala in Manila, Mellie Ablaza and Honorary Consul of Zambia in the Philippines, Louie Ablaza, together with his siblings Vice-Consul Marc Ablaza and Czarina Syquia.

These were adornments with a deeper meaning, and it was an invitation to the vivid world of his prized possessions and collection of natural stones, corals, ivory, glass beads and Chevron.  Included were clever combination of feathers, fur, reptile skin, equine tail and tortoise shells, and standard precious metals.  JunJun Ablaza’s bold designs radiate an aura of “something positive,” which makes one appreciate the beauty of nature, and in the process, conserve our environment.


JunJun Ablaza’s ‘Wearable Art’ exhibit at the Ablaza Hall of the National Museum Art Gallery
The ‘Man of the Hour’, Jun Jun Ablaza, far right, with Consul Louie Ablaza, Consul Mellie Ablaza, The Lady HB, Consul Helen Ong and Nene Leonor
Consul General Miguel Ma. Guerrero, Alice Tesoro Guerrero, Consul Betty Chua and Consul General Motohiko Kato, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission
Nympha Valencia, Consul Mellie Ablaza, Consul Evie Costa and Consul Fortune Ledesma
Mars Lambino, Frank Adriano, Anabelle Adriano, Ofelia Trinidad Gigi Trinidad and Vice Consul Marc Ablaza
Nena Casimiro, Lulu Castaneda, Rose Lazaro and Tessie Rodrigo
The Lady H.B. Consul Mellie Ablaza, Jun Jun Ablaza, Jacqueline Zuratynsky and Peter Zuratynsky
Toshiro Morita, Mie Morita, Lilibeth Campos and Paqui Campos
Atty. Ivy Fajardo, Paulie Caoili, Natasha Morse and Tedrick Yao