In today’s fast-paced world, Alan SyCip manages to balance work with his penchant for creativity. A passionate artist, he has carved out a niche, with his mastery of a style very much his own, and which has expanded through the years. Alan and his gracious wife, Marissa recently hosted a wine and art exhibit at their posh Forbes Park residence. With a Bachelor’s degree in painting from Carnegie Mellon University, his creative impulse was fashioned into the world of acrylics, whose themes ranged from landscapes and zen ; to the abstract and the surreal.  The couple entertained guests and friends in their sprawling home and with the collection displayed at the walls of the living room, it was a visual perspective of how an art buyer would imagine the paintings in their own house, framed against stark white walls.

Dealing daily with his abstract ideas, the artist “felt ensconced in an ivory tower”. He laments that the “worrisome real world forever lurks just outside.”  Alan’s excellence in mastering began as early as in High School where he was tutored privately by Dr. Rodolfo Paras-Perez.  He exhibited in leading galleries in Manila. His versatility as well as his restless nature makes him a dynamo, possessing the capacity to work on four paintings at a time, yet all different from each other; thus proving his adeptness over diverse painting styles.

Alan enthused: “Art makes us unique. It is one of man’s highest intellectual endeavors and what defines a civilization, the laws of physics are uniform throughout the galaxy, so other civilizations on other worlds would have similar technologies “.

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One of the notable figures in conceptual art, Joy Rojas II made headlines with his second solo exhibition, Joy Rojas II “Material Make” at the Pinto Art Museum. The catchy title was taken from the name of a prize-winning horse.  Immersed in his imagined realm, Joy had set about creating works of art that explored his emotional, psychological and different zones of the soul.

He claims that he credited shifts in his life to epiphanies about a belief in a world that is of immediate sensation; and emotions where the energy harmonizes in a dance.  He spent his days working around the clock resulting in a series of 30 works, a continuation of his past show but now with bolder colors and textures.  His love for horses stemmed from his childhood days since his family was into horseracing and breeding. Captivated with their elegance, freedom and power, his interpenetration of layers in his paintings demonstrated the horses’ personalities to the moods of their names. Joy pushed himself as hard as he could to discover new ideas that inspire, awe and wonder.

To understand Joy is to notice a divide of real-life reality and a celebrated artist reality.  Joy is a successful lawyer and as an artist, he belongs to the Saturday Group. His sensitivity transition, variations and juxtapositions of chromatic intensities are approaches to his art with his thoughts and opinions on society, religion and life. Spiced with his color and texture through contrast and combinations, his paintings delight in the presence of light.