Giving Back with Joy Wambangco Rustia. A Never-Ending Love Story and Nespresso‘s Whimsical Launch


Giving Back with Joy Wambangco Rustia.  A Never-Ending Love Story

True happiness stems from the simple moments in life, and being surrounded by the persons who love you and whom you love. As such, it’s been said that “if you go through life loving others, you will have achieved the greatest success of all.”   Fabulous, enterprising couple, lovely Joy Wambangco Rustia and dashing husband, Joel displayed their unwavering hospitality once again at an intimate soiree which they hosted at the Shangri-la Fort, Private Pavillion. The occasion was to celebrate another milestone for Joy – a fruitful life filled with passion and purpose.

Joy is a woman of many talents. This indefatigable lady takes on the challenges of managing five companies; from import, retail, wholesale, supplying 400 retail outfits; a realty company and a Hongkong based corporation.  Her latest venture is a boutique lifestyle mall, Madison Galeries in Alabang, which is now a favorite destination place.  With all her accomplishments, Joy reciprocates by giving back to the community through her charitable donations, advocacies and job creation.  Her good work-life balance gives her a grand sense of fulfilment, as her cheerful attitude and generosity to family and friends are second nature to her.  She is a picture of the perfect hostess, which makes her parties all the more exceptional.  A table spread of delectable hors d’oeuvres was served with bubbly and wines, and an exquisite seven course degustation dinner showcased the creativity of Samba’s chef. The fashionistas who attended her dinner party were from the Best-Dressed Women of the Philippines, of which Joy is a member. They serenaded her as she blew the candles of her cake decorated with her favorite fashion brands.  Their livewire energy set the mood for an all night singing with Duday Tuason, Bo Muralla, Elsie Pascua, Judith Tan, Grace Gobing, Natalie Lim, Ann Ong, Eni Alba, Johnny Litton and Ricky Laurel accompanied by a live band.

Nespresso‘s Whimsical Launch 

Nespresso garnered praise with their recent launch at Manila House Private Members Club.  Before Rupert and I walked into the Manila House Pavillon, we were warmly greeted by Novateur Coffee Concepts Managing Director Patrick Pasengco.  It was a festive night of the Limited Edition Nespresso on Ice: Ispirazione Salentina and Ispirazione Skarerato. Nespresso excelled with creative specialties and grand splurges.

Invitees were issued passports upon registration. It was a great venue for people watching, sipping the iced coffees and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres.  The itinerary included a game of Jenga, photo ops with the scenic photowall, trying their luck with a round of left-center-right with DJ Emel Rowe’s lively music.  Nespresso’s team of coffee specialists never left guests disappointed with their pampering vibes.  So successful was Nespresso’s enticement of their take on the summer of their dreams; transporting one to an Italian getaway with the delicious flavors of Nespresso Iced Coffees and signature cocktails.

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