Miss Universe’ Birthday Dinner at Home

Miss Universe’ Birthday Dinner at Home

At her beautifully well-appointed condo done in modernist aesthetics and with a panoramic view of the city, former Miss Universe and current president of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Margie Moran Floirendo was an image of a woman who does what she loves, and loves what she does.  The space is her sanctuary and hubby Rupert’s elegant portrait of her was displayed prominently at the hallway, and which simply cannot go unnoticed when seated in the dining room.  Noting her personal style, she highlighted sentimental framed photographs on console tables and paintings on the walls of her green themed dining room; such as a painting by famed artist Sandra Gfeller, which was a gift from the Board of Trustees of Ballet Philippines, of which she heads.  Margie is a natural at arranging her collections, as well as her objets d’art. A kinetic sculpture by Gabby Barredo is accented with a Manansala painting. Other walls boasted of a Tabuena, Westendorp, Alcuaz, Garibay, Rubio among others. It also had a portrait of Margie dressed in Filipiniana by Dante Silverio at the entrance of the living room; the likeness of which was taken from Rupert’s humongous Centennial coffee table book, “Portraits of an Era: A Celebration of the Filipino”,  which featured Margie taken at Jose Rizal’s shrine in Calamba Laguna. Despite her worldwide super-fame, Margie was her most authentic self with close friends:  “I organized intimate casual dinners with friends in Manila when I got back, to bond in a way with enjoyable conversations.”

Wearing a vacation glow and with a renewed sense of calm, Margie narrated over a delicious sit-down Japanese dinner that the first part of her birthday was spent in Iceland, a frozen wonderland, the Arctic known for its sheer scenic beauty. She said that the special cruise ship was equipped with ice breakers; it was a snowbound hotel with Michelin meals and a prodigious wine list. This ice safari was a combination of addictive rush and spectacular dreamscapes.  Not wanting the expedition to end, Margie was so captivated by the majestic display of the northern lights; so much so that her praises for this amazing spectacle of nature had her guests wanting to sign up for the next voyage.   The evening was capped with music and singing by divine songbird Ping Valencia as she regaled us with her angelic voice. After the toasting, the birthday song and the cake, the ever regal Margie said: “Friendships matter as we grow older and I appreciate moments like these.”



      Mayenne Carmona Birthday Celebration

 Marriott Hotel’s Director of Marketing and Communications, the effervescent beauty and brains Mitch Garcia recently organized an intimate dinner for friends to celebrate the birthday of Faaabvlous party gal, dance enthusiast, wellness advocate and ‘Angels for  Street Children’ charity leader, Mayenne Carmona .

Held at their Chinese restaurant Manho, it was a well-attended dinner with twenty close friends, which included surprise guest, U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim. Mayenne was thrilled with his presence, since his office had sent regrets that he was hosting an event that same evening. Dining at Manho was a gastronomic bliss, with countless courses which showcased an array of surprising tastes. The succulent peking duck appetizer was one of the best we have experienced and the feast of dishes served was the expertise of chef Meik Brammer.  A birthday cake was brought out, accompanied with cheers and toasts to the glamorous and vivacious Mayenne.


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