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Birthday celebrators Jaime Ponce de Leon and Albert Avellana

Jaime Ponce de Leon, found­ing director of the Leon Gal­lery, has made a name for himself with the resound­ing success of his auction house, recognized as one of the country’s leading cultural havens and purveyors of art. With partner Robbie Santos, the amiable Jaime marked his birthday with a cocktail party and was surrounded by VIP guests, composed of art collectors, lovers of art, and promi­nent society figures.

Arguably, the Leon Gallery has achieved the highest art sales, with world records for having sold 11 out of 12 most ex­pensive paintings in the country. Jaime’s expertise brings one closer to experiencing the ultimate in art. His gallery provides a diverse take on vibrant cultures through its col­lection of paintings, sculptures, an­tiques, and jewelry. On the gallery’s walls hung important portraits by no less than Juan Luna y Novicio and Fernando Amorsolo y Cueto.

The art enthusiasts enjoyed the sumptuous Italian fare by Gaita Fores. Scattered around the gallery were stations of carvings of proscu­ito jamon, prime rib, and five-spice ducks. There was a pasta station with lobster spa­ghettini, truffle and cream cheese crepe, and insalate de mare. A classical quin­tet and two DJs provided the entertainment.


Soft-spoken and with a winning smile, art bro­ker Albert Avellana is blessed with a combina­tion of talent, creativity, and originality. Albert has always followed his own path. Over the years, his creative spirit has endured, a demon­stration of his genuine passion for the arts. Recently, for his 55th birthday, he hosted a party at his Avellana Art Gal­lery, which coincided with the open­ing of an exhibit of 30 artists. With his charming personality, he mingled with the guests, composed of artists, designers, art collectors, relatives, and friends. While sipping red wine, the invitees wandered through the dif­ferent rooms of the two-story gallery, with its turn-of-the-century ambience that added character to the different artists’ works on display.

On exhibit was a group called Pula, composed of various artists, namely Ral Arrogante, Kiko Arnaez, Pandy Aviado, Jesus Bermudez, Suzette Bernardo Montelibano, Ivi Avellana Cosio, Jonathan Castro, Joey Cob­cobo, FB Concepcion, Allana Cosio, Gary Custodio, Joey de Castro, Fer­dinand Doctolero, Noell El Farol, Henri Eteve, Isagani Fuentes, Dei Jardiniano, Eugene Jarque, Allain Hablo, Tuchi Imperial, Jojo Lofran­co, Francesca Balaguer-Mercado, Alrashdi Mohammad, Lynyrd Pa­ras, Impy Pilapil, Pidge Reyes, Dan Raralio, Ryan Rubio, Rosario San­chez, Lisa Suarez, Benjie Torrado, Clairelynn Uy, and Mac Valdezco.

Albert’s gallery is relationship-based and boasts of no contracts with the various artists on display. He has helped cultivate an appetite for fine-art collecting. One can see that art feeds his soul and is the foundation of everything he does.