Faaabvlous At 10

Faaabvlous At 10


How creative can you get when you just curate? You need the surprises. There has to be an element of surprise.” said John Galliano, out­standing and famous in the world of elegance and fabu­lousity. Having been be­stowed the title of “Pho­tographer to the Faaabu­lous” by no less than The Washington Post, Rupert Jacinto proves his creative mettle and unerring feel for composition and captur­ing the moment through his lens. Honed through decades of doing portraits, his skill and sensibility con­tinue to produce “Faaabv­lous” exhibits that have impact. His forthcoming exhibit, slated in Novem­ber, is a celebration of the 10th an­niversary of Faaabvlous. Rupert couldn’t be happier, as his eventful oeuvre, Faaabvlous has maintained a devoted following and amassed an impressive roster of subjects, a testi­mony to his artistic journey and aes­thetic art. A must-attend milestone, the Faaabvlous series is a collection of confident, empowered, and stylish women and men. Photographing his subjects of the past, today, and tomor­row has earned him critical praise.


With support from Volvo, Oze­ki Sake, Titania Wine Cellar, and Liq­uid Gold, the Faaabvlous 10th Anni­versary “Fab Gala” will play around the theme of haute couture in black, white, and gold at the photo exhibit to be held from Nov. 12 to 24 at the Grand Ballroom lobby of the Marriott Ho­tel. The guests of hon­or are Mayor Francisco ‘Isko’ Domagoso, Ambas­sador Nicolas Galey of France, Ambassador Gior­gio Guglielmino of Italy, Ambassador Koji Haneda of Japan, National Art­ist Ryan Cayabyab, Presidential spokes­person Salvador Pan­elo, and “Faaabvlous of Heart Icons” Consul Mel­lie Ablaza, Menchude las Alas Con­cepcion, Virginia Lane, and Teresita Tambunting Liboro. The “Faaaabv­lous of Spirit” subjects include Con­sul Fortune Ledesma, Conchi­tina Bernardo, Mayenne Carmo­na, Grace Glory Go, Frannie Jacin­to, Pilina Rocha, Marivic Vazquez, Becky Garcia, and Dee Zobel. Their photographs of yesteryears will also be on display.

The event is co-presented with Marriott Manila and in partner­ship with the Advertising Founda­tion of the Philippines, in support of the Ako and Saklay Drug Rehabilita­tion Program in Nueva Ecija. This year’s roster of “Faaabvlous Wom­en:” Juliet Arambulo M.D., Ceci­le Baron Asprec, Judith Bar­ran, Camella Cragun, Aiza Diu­co, Joyce Dizon, Lani Fragante, M.D., Darlene Go, Jean Marquez M.D., Johanna Santos-Ocampo M.D., Robina Ko Tan, and Vivian Yano. The “Faaabvlous Men of Distinc­tion” are National Artist Ryan Cayab­yab, Ambassador Giorgio Guglielmino, Presidential spokesperson Sal Pan­elo, David Ackerman, Robert Blan­caflor, Dean Charles Decker, Mario de Rivera, Norman Dreo, Ernesto Olympia M.D., and Paul San Pedro. “Forever Faaabvlous” are former subjects who include Mayor Fran­cisco ‘Isko’Domagoso and AA Pata­waran, Mache Ackerman, Anna­belle Adriano, Eni Alba, Danda Bu­hain, Marivic Burgos, Lina Castil­lo, Kitty Doll, Nanette Feliciano, Jac­queline Michelle Lim, Ching Oreta M.D., Ruby Pacis, Engr. Merci Po­blador Padolina, Gina Ronquillo, Buena Sarmiento, Dana Silver­io, Shirley Sobremonte, Carolyn Tan, Chuchi Villar, and the author.

The “Faaabvlous Edge” are Enan Al­mando and Gerry Ereneta Sunga. Also included are surprise “Faaabvlous Cou­ples and Family” portraits. Enter­tainment will be provided by Bren­don Banares and Danny Favis and the Fabulous Band.

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