If you can so indulge, do it in style”—Lauren de Carlo. H a v i n g lived in New York a few decades back, during my young and carefree days, I had my share of Holly Golightly moments. One spring weekend, I woke up early, brushed aside all apprehensions, put on my oversized Audrey sun­glasses, grabbed myself a Danish in the sidewalk truck, and headed for Fifth Avenue and 57th to simply admire the window display at Tiffany & Co. I visualized Audrey Hepburn’s Break­fast at Tiffany—she with her gamine style and 20-inch waistline and her haircut, which is still oh so fashion­able these days.

A truly unforgettable experience perked my spirits when Mario Katig­bak, Tiffany & Co. general manager, recently hosted a cocktail reception to celebrate my birthday at the Tiffany boutique at Greenbelt. The evening overflowed wi th champagne and prime ribs and canapés, as Holly would have loved it. Just as irresistible to the guests were Tiffany’s f lawless diamonds on display, the beautiful gold pieces and luxe ways to live a beautiful life with its home and accessories collection.

A brilliant legacy indeed. In 1886, Charles Lewis Tiffany unveiled the Tiffany setting, a design of his en­gagement ring diamond, which em­bodied expert craftsmanship, time­less designs, and ethical sourcing and provenance information. “The joy of true connection. The delight of unexpected wit. The enduring beauty of meticulously considered design. This is Tiffany.”

A staple of good taste, Tiffany and its timeless luminescence will get one all the attention. Through­out the evening the displays took center stage—Ti f fany’s most iconic collections, Tiffany paper flowers, Tiffany T designs and HardWear, Elsa Peretti diamonds by the yard earrings, the Tiffany jewel box, and necklaces with meticulously crafted Tiffany keys: the crown key pendant, petal-inspired key, fleur de lis key, and Victoria key.

That was my ultimate Tiffany moment.